It is warm out, so why am I cold?

The human body is undoubtedly complicated at times.

  • Most afternoons it runs like a well oiled machine, but then, there are those afternoons when everything just seems out of whack.

Today is one of those afternoons for me. I got up early, felt great, as well as headed out to do some much needed gardening. The temperature this morning was nearly eighty by seven o’clock as well as I knew it was going to be a scorcher. I wanted to get as much done as possible before the sunshine was up in the sky so I worked for about three hours, and between mowing the shrubbery as well as weeding I was pretty exhausted by the time I came inside. Thankfully a quick shower as well as sitting near the portable a/c seemed to revive me a bit; Now, sitting in my residing room, the temperature on the temperature control reads nearly 75 degrees but I am freezing. This actually does not make much sense because logically I know temperature in house has plenty warm enough. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C system is set for 75 so I know that it is laboring correctly. I believe I may have gotten too much sunshine this morning or that I need to drink more water to balance out my system. I can’t turn up the temperature in the house just to make myself comfortable. The rest of the family would complain as well as believe I am nuts. I suppose I will just head upstairs, put on a sweatshirt as well as curl up with a nice book. Sounds like a good way to reward myself for all of my taxing labor anyway.

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