Long drive to the hardware store to fix the HVAC problems

Living way out in the country is great! Fresh air, green trees, and the sounds of nature all around.

That is what most people like to tell you about it, however, there are some serious drawbacks too.

Like when you run out of milk in the middle of the night and have to drive twenty minutes to the closest all night market. Those are the times when I regret buying my family’s old farm house. It is never a quick trip anywhere I go. I have at least half an hour of driving, there and back, and I have to pick up things at the store. This means that a minimum of one hour of my day is spent on a simple shopping trip. For this reason we try and stock up on things that won’t go bad. It is my job to ensure that we have food, cleaning supplies, clothing, things like that. It is my husband’s job to make sure that we have replacement parts for equipment, lightbulbs, and even filters for the HVAC system. I hate going to the hardware store so anything that comes from there falls to him. I never really think about any of that stuff but yesterday I had no choice. He is away on business so when the alarm went off telling me to change the filter on the HVAC system I headed to the basement to do that. The problem was, there was no filter to put in. My husband had forgotten to buy an extra one. The HVAC system won’t come back on until it reads that a new filter was put in so I had to pack up the kids and drive into town. I will tell you this, he is going to hear about it when he gets home!


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