Clean that washable HEPA filter

My sleep has been absolutely patchy lately and I’m not sure exactly why.

Something in my life is out of alignment and it usually is shown in my sleep pattern, which means I need to take a closer look at my habits and try to fix what isn’t right.

Maybe not having a female partner is wearing on my spirit, but summer is coming, and maybe good fortune will find its way back into my life again with a nice and attractive lady in the near future. I need a chick that has athletic interests because I spend lots of time at this local business playing volleyball many times a week, which is then followed by a cold beer beside the climate control system watching the sun go down. Today my buddy and I will play songs on this rock pier for people in the beach bar and on the pier, which we do for fun, and without the pressure of trying to make a living out of it. My pal and I both work for the local contractor and are planning our escape by next summer when we start playing for cash in these heated and air conditioned beach bars and clubs. I will continue with my work but focus most of my time on writing music and editing the songs we’ve made to put them online. My pal and I have a ton of followers now and some of them are heating, ventilation and A/C technology techs from the business my pal and I work at in our town. My pal and I will get an RV next summer and do a tour of the country and maybe even in other countries.

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