I took a radiant heating unit

I should have asked permission before using my friend’s portable space heater, however I did it anyway.

I was kneeling there with the boiler in my house, I was still a bit freezing even having it, however not from the temperature outside at this point but from taking his unit.

My neighbor, who lives nearby, told me that they just purchased a portable space heater and were raving about how sizzling hot and cozy it made their apartment feel. I decided to quickly grab it and I would bring it back in the morning. Back at home I felt horrible though. In addition to having stolen something that wasn’t mine, I felt poor because I knew my neighbor might need the boiler as well. If they felt freezing and had no other way to stay warm, what would happen? I made an effort to suppress my guilt as I went about my evening, savoring the warmth that the borrowed boiler provided. But I couldn’t help feeling guilty every time I looked at it. I made the decision to act morally as the night wore on because I couldn’t shake the guilt I was feeling. I apologized for stealing the device from her over the iphone to my friend. The fact that I didn’t ask them before borrowing it still made them angry but they understood. The next afternoon I delivered a handwritten note of apology, along with the portable space heating unit, back to my friend’s door. I promised that I would never take something from them without their permission again, and that I would make it up to them in any way I could.


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