Furnace filter in the store

Wow, this week feels like I am walking through cream of wheat waist high, as I didn’t get much sleep and my mind is running on two cylinders.

However, I will keep on plugging along and complete my work by the time evening rolls around.

I will probably take a short nap in about 15 minutes to clear my mind and give my body some energy. I am so glad that last month I went to the grocery store and bought six days of food, so now I don’t have to worry about that for a while. The local contractor where I get my food is close to my flat and has some fantastic climate control to keep you comfy while you shop. I try to just shop four times a month for food to save myself time so that I can focus more on my work during the day. This new contractor in the neighborhood is starting a delivery service for food soon, so that means that I won’t have to leave my air conditioned luxury of my office to go shopping. Then I just need to put the food away and cook, which is quick and easy, because my meals are mostly raw and uncooked. I will scrub my heating and cooling system this weekend and then my whole house will be clean once again, except for the old space heating system that I used all winter, which will be cleaned and boxed up next week. I need to call my dad too, because we haven’t talked in ages.


Space heater for sale