I found a reupholstering corporation that could help

Before my dear Grammy passed away, she gifted me her number one set of antique chairs.

Grammy had bought the chairs over 30 years ago at an antique store in the southern part of the country.

While I am not a fan of antique furnishing, the old chairs were quite appealing. They were very well-constructed, they had no harm to them, and the design was unlike anything that I had ever sat in. The only thing that seemed wrong with the chairs was that they needed to be fully reupholstered. The fabric was worn out and needed to be updated. I have never gotten anything like this done before and I knew really nothing about reupholstering furniture. Actually, I didn’t know of any reupholstering businesses in my area. So, I hopped on the internet to see if there were any reupholstering businesses nearby. And though there were none nearby, I was able to find a small reupholstering corporation in another town. I contacted the corporation but they weren’t able to provide me with a solid bid without seeing the chairs in person. They did mention that the minimum price would be 150 dollars, which I am not sure if that was a fair price or not. After doing some more online research, I discovered videos of people reupholstering their furniture themselves. I even saw someone reupholstering antique chairs that they bought at a thrift store. I thought about taking on this DIY challenge of reupholstering the chairs, however I really didn’t want to take the chance and ruin them. So, I booked an appointment with the reupholstering dealer, and I will be taking the chairs to get them done next weekend.

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