Indoor air quality looking good

I am trying to figure out what to put on our business cards for our band. My pal and I are leaning towards “Original Fun Music” because all of our songs are original and made up on the spot, and I was a comedian for 15 years so the fun is part of the package. Our band name is Bad Endings because a lot of our earlier music had terrible endings to them, so my pal and I decided the name was a great fit. Good songs with terrible endings, haha, then my pal and I are going to hand out these cards around the neighborhood to the local businesses in hopes of getting weekly gigs at three or four locales. I feel I could do three shows a week without a problem, but four a week may start to wear on me as the drumming and singing takes a lot of energy. The new business in the neighborhood heard us playing and told us they can get us on the radio soon, so we can get more gigs in these air conditioned beach bars around town. I feel it would be a fun way to spend the last 20 years of your life playing songs and having fun in clubs around town, just like we are trying to do now. My pal and I also want to play in some bars in a ski resort with great heating during the winter, as we have a property on the mountains, and can stay there while we are doing shows in the wintertime and receive some extra cash while having a blast. My pal and I have a nice fireplace in the property and a lot of room for our gear.

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