Is an inclined bench good for crunches?

Because the gym in my house is so moderately sized, I am very careful about any investment into greater sizes of fitness equipment.

I like to have enough space to jump rope, lunge, squat as well as do all the different exercises separate from worrying about hitting something.

I have obtained a nice, small set of free weights, a medicine ball, heavy resistance bands, yoga mats as well as a jump rope system. I felt that inventory of gear was satisfactory for a variety of workouts as well as to target all the specific muscle groups. I could incorporate high-impact aerobics, strength training, stretches, static holds as well as more. I used the yoga mat to perform different styles of abdominal crunches. Since I train heavily on the area around my waist as well as my tummy, I do a lot of crunches. The yoga mat was not perfect for this. I scraped the skin off the area around my tailbone. It was raw as well as painful. I researched as well as came across the idea of getting an incline bench. The bench doesn’t take up very much space. It can be pushed tightly against the wall when not in use. It adjusts to varying degrees of incline as well as includes a padded seat on the end. It increases the difficulty as well as benefit of all styles of crunches. I periodically hook my feet so that my head is hanging closer to the ground as well as perform proper sit ups. In the same position, I can do crunches as well as perform twisting exercises that contract as well as toil the external and oblique muscles. When I hang on with my hands as well as have my head at the high end of the incline bench, the exercises focus on the lower abdominal muscles. I’ve noticed a vast improvement in my muscle tone since adding the incline bench.



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