Running the electric heating unit

Okay, one more story and then it is nap time for an hour with the cats in the back room.

My flat has a split plan and my office is way in the front where the living room is.

The bedrooms are at the back where it is quieter, and away from the loud street out front, which is good for sleep. That part of the building is also shaded by some large trees to keep it cooler. I will take a little nap, and after that I am going to do yoga and write more heating, ventilation and A/C technology tech stories for 40 more minutes before calling off work for the afternoon. My bandmate is going to meet me at my flat in four more hours, so I have plenty of time for a nap and a short workout at the beach. I was going to work on my cooling system this week but I am just too sleepy for that, so I will wait till next week and do it with the help of my cooling professional. Today I will just do the bare minimum and get ready for playing songs by the sea on the wonderful pier near my flat. My pal and I will play near the local business in hopes of getting some gigs at the air conditioned club that always seems to be bursting with people. My pal and I have all the gear we need to do shows in these bars even if they don’t have a sound system themselves. I need to go scrub my HEPA filter now and get to that nap.

Air conditioning repair