Seven heating and cooling reps in town

It is getting down to the nitty gritty for me as my stomach keeps growling and telling me to dump some food in it soon.

Today I will make a large salad for myself and also scrub the floors with my vacuum cleaner and mop.

It is Thursday and I am feeling great about this weekend as my buddy and I get ready to play some gigs in town. If I can get my sleep back to normal, which means no more iPad use after 9pm each night, we will plan on doing some shows in air conditioned clubs around town with my buddy. But if I am not sleeping well, then doing shows is a lot more of a chore than it is fun, so that is my main focus these next few days and weeks. I’m just gliding through my work this afternoon doing my heating, ventilation and A/C technology tech writing work and also doing some other work for this local contractor down the road. I have about two hours of work to do this week, which is great because it will keep me off the beach and away from the volleyball games so I don’t hurt my elbow more than it hurts right now. I’ve been cooling it down with this cold gel and then heating it up with a heating pad each afternoon to help the pain go away. I need to make sure it doesn’t get worse though or I will have to go to the docs and have them shoot it up with some painful cortisone injections, which is something I want to avoid at all costs.


Cooling expert