The beach home looked better with new wood siding

The entire story seems absurd, but it really did happen.

When their car broke down, Todd and a neighbor were traveling to the beach.

They needed to get to the public access, and the area they were in was crowded with exclusive beachfront homes. Todd and her neighbor made the decision to knock on the houses since they didn’t know anyone who lived there. A woman who appeared to be the owner of an auto shop opened her door. She checked out their car in addition to bringing some tools. The women were in her apartment enjoying a cold drink, their car was fixed, and they had made a new friend in less than 30 minutes. Todd was informed that the mechanic was selling her house and moving away. She made a jokey offer, and that’s also how Todd got his hands on a beach house. Although the property is fantastic, there were some issues, including the siding, that needed to be resolved. The mechanic’s poor health was one of the main reasons for moving closer to family. He had failed to maintain the siding on the house, and it was also in disrepair. There were additional issues with the roof that necessitated a roofing contractor’s inspection. Todd started by removing the unpleasant siding that needed to be removed before moving on to the other issues. The beach house’s new wood siding was installed by a local siding contractor she found. In order to improve the comfort of the beach house, Todd then invited the roofing contractor over for an inspection and roof service.

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