A smart thermostat for dumb gramps

Grandfather doesn’t care about new-age technology. What does that mean? It means anything that was made after the 1990s is hot garbage to him. Well, that’s what he says. It’s constantly along the lines of, “Things are not made the same when I was younger.” I get it, he drove good cars that were like metal cans and now my associate and I drive cars that resemble a water bottle. The thing is that Grandfather didn’t have all the safety features my associate and I have these afternoons. These newer cars are made to save the person, not the vehicle. The old ones were strong, however your safety wasn’t as good. When he comes to my apartment he prefers some of the current things despite the fact that he can’t find himself investing cash into them for himself. He constantly compliments my thermostat settings and I told him it’s a smart thermostat and it takes care of my indoor comfort needs all the time. He went from smiling to enjoying his time to saying, “I guess technology is taking over your life.” My Grandfather doesn’t get it, everything is advancing and my heating and cooling system is an immense part of it. An immense part of my apartment comfort is my heating and cooling system. I work from an apartment so I don’t get out much unless it’s to see friends or grocery shop. I have everything I need here, so my Grandfather can be aggravated if he wants to be. I know it makes him feel that I’m lazy and my labor ethic isn’t as wonderful as his, however technology is the future and I’m here for the long haul.

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