He works for the roofing corporation

Max plus I have known each other since high school, you could say Max and I are high school sweethearts. At first, Max and I didn’t like each other that much, however that changed in our senior year. Max asked me to the formal dance, plus I even surprised myself by saying yup, then from then on, Maxl and I were fastened by the hip, plus had an appealing time. After graduation, I chose to go to beauty school since I wanted to become a professional makeup artist, and Max was off to train to become a roofing corporation. Max joined a local community school that offers beginner courses for roofers who want to have a job in the local roofing industry. It took some time to complete the training necessary to become licensed as a roofing corporation, but Max made it. It didn’t take even two months before he found labor with a local roofing company, plus I am so proud of Max. He works as a roofing corporation in town specializing in residential roofing. However, Max plans on going back to school so he can increase his knowledge on commercial roofing. It’s been quite notable seeing his roofing job take off, plus the money is good. Max and I are renting an apartment in town where I do make up for my clients during the morning. The plan is to save up some money so I can set up a studio soon, however for now, I’m fantastic at toiling from home. Max is always away on unusual roofing tasks so I can have my clients over from 8 am to 6 pm. I can’t wait to see Max start toiling on commercial roofing tasks in the near future.