London Fog?

Many people travel to Canada for vacation.

The landscapes, tourist attractions, and lifestyle appeal to just about anyone.

My brother and his wife planned a trip to Toronto for about three months. They thought they had prepared of everything when, upon arrival, they realized they did not. It was July, so they packed for warm and sunny weather. It was an 8 hour drive up north and they never imagined how different the weather would be when they arrived, It was cold, rainy, and so foggy that they could barely see in front of the car. The dampness that filled the air was as heavy as any hot humid day down south. When they arrived at the hotel, my brother asked the desk clerk if the weather was supposed to continue for the whole weekend. He said that it was so their hearts just sank. Not only had they packed for warmer weather, they had planned all outdoor activities for their stay as well. They went to the room and turned on the heat to take the chill off. Armed with all the brochures from the lobby, they began to see what indoor, heated activities they could do instead. Thankfully, the area is known for it’s many museums, theaters, and shopping centers. They were able to stay in climate controlled places for the entire trip. They hit the outlet mall to buy some warmer clothes and made the best of it. They were both glad to head back home where the weather was a bit more predictable. When I talked to him, he said that it was fun but he didn’t think they would be heading there again.

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